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Due to the extended delivery times for production trees from suppliers and the increasing difficulty for oil companies to secure the necessary permits to drill, Trendsetter has designed, developed and fabricated wellhead completion caps to protect previously completed production wells. These completion caps permit the oil companies to release the drilling rig upon the completion of a well, regardless of subsea tree delivery. Once the production tree becomes available, the wellhead completion cap (WCC) is recovered and replaced by the permanent production tree. Down-hole plugs are removed with a rigless intervention system, and the well is ready for startup without the added expense and schedule risk of having to source a drilling rig.

Trendsetter’s WCC is designed and tested in accordance to API 6A/17D requirements and can be built to interface with any industry wellhead and tubing hanger. The system is landed and locked onto the tubing head spool with or without the tubing hanger installed. The temporary tree system includes a nominal 5” production bore and nominal 2” annulus bore.

The Trendsetter designed system provides a sealing barrier to the production bore of the tubing hanger and allows vertical access to the production bore to enable the removal of wireline plugs or intervention from a drilling rig or rigless intervention system. No permanent controls are required for the system, as local pressure gauges are utilized and all operations and monitoring are performed by a ROV.

In the event that the operator needs to access the well with the wellhead completion cap installed, Trendsetter incorporated the necessary seal areas and latch profiles to run a subsea test tree equipped with Trendsetter’s XT latch tool.