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Trendsetter has developed a Mudline Closure System which serves as an additional safety shut-in device while drilling in deepwater or harsh environments. The Mudline Closure System consists of a Mudline Closure Device (MCD), its associated control system and running/test tools.

The system is designed to augment the existing rigs BOP safety system and provides two additional sets of rams with an independent control system. The MCD is located below the rig BOP and above the wellhead, is capable of providing tubular shearing capability, complete well isolation, and if required the ability to pump into well bore or produce out of the system. The MCD provides an additional level of safety and the ability to secure the well and safely detach the rig and BOP system if the primary rig BOP had failed during a well control event. 

The system is field-proven and is equipped with an acoustic/electro-hydraulic control system that operates independent of the rigs safety systems, BOP controls and ROV back-up controls. Acoustic communications allow for the remote monitoring of the wellbore pressure and temperature near the wellhead if/when the well is isolated.  

The mudline closure system is available for purchase or lease and is designed to perform the following basic functions: 

  • Connects and seals to an 18-3/4” 10,000 psi or 15,000 psi wellhead housing
  • Provides an 18-3/4” 10,000 psi or 15,000 psi upper mandrel connection to the subsea BOP or riser system
  • Provides two individual BOP rams capable of shearing and sealing the wellbore
  • Operates up to 15,000 psi wellbore pressure when actuated with acoustics or with the ROV back-up system
  • Provides subsea mateable connections for contingency bore access below and between the BOP rams to perform well kill operations and/or contain and flow scenarios

 The major MCD Control System Components consists of: 

  • Subsea Control Module
  • Acoustic Control & Communications System
  • Hydraulic Flying Leads
  • ROV Control Panel
  • Subsea Accumulator Module (SAM)


National Petroleum Council recommends Trendsetter's MCD and Capping Stack!