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Capping Stack technology is one of the highest impact developments to hit the oil and gas industry in many years, and Trendsetter remains at the apex of innovation.

As a result of the Macondo oil spill incident in 2010 and the cessation of subsea drilling mandated by the U.S. government, Trendsetter developed a single ram capping stack in 7 ½ weeks for the Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC), a consortium currently consisting of ten Gulf of Mexico companies involved in deep-water drilling. Since then, Trendsetter has become the global leader in providing fit-for-purpose capping stack technology.

Trendsetter develops well containment packages for spill response to be deployed in exploration and production basins around the world, with appropriate services to test, certify, maintain, install, recover, and refurbish the containment packages. The well containment packages have the following components:

  • Capping Stacks
  • Subsea Accumulator Module
  • Riser Insert Diverter System
  • Flow Base
  • Deck Skids
  • Deployment Tooling

In addition, Trendsetter has developed pre-positioned capping devices (PCD). The PCD can be used in combination with a jack up rig, surface Blowout Prevention (BOP) system, and full pressure riser system to control the well during drilling. The PCD can be installed at the sea floor, directly on the wellhead, to control the well in the event of a failure of the surface BOP system, riser string, or other surface equipment.  Along with the Pre-Positioned Capping Device, Trendsetter’s PCD packages include Subsea Accumulator Modules, Acoustic Control Systems and other supporting equipment.

Further, Trendsetter Engineering in collaboration with Boots & Coots Services, a Halliburton business, developed the Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP), including a suite of systems for rapid air mobilization for subsea well source control. The system has been designed and optimized to help reduce costs and deployment time in the event of subsea well control events.  

Capping Stack History

Since 2010, Trendsetter has developed the following capping stack solutions:


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