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With the renewed focus on maximizing existing subsea field production through hydraulic interventions, Trendsetter identified the need for a 15,000psi high flow system suitable for deployment from a vessel and capable of multiple interface configurations with subsea trees, manifolds and flowlines.

The STIM System, available for offshore service, provides the industry with this exact solution. Designed first and foremost to provide regulatory compliant well control capabilities, the high flow/high pressure STIM System utilizes the latest in control system, production gate valve and subsea connector technology to deliver a bespoke fluid delivery system, allowing for safe and efficient well stimulation and field hydrate remediation operations.

The Trendsetter 15K Subsea Chemical Injection System was designed for Well Intervention and is comprised of topside (vessel deck) equipment, subsea equipment, and testing equipment required to perform well injection operations.

The STIM system has been mobilized across multiple campaigns and has operated with an enviable 99+% up time. The STIM unit was designed to fill the requirement for an API RP 17G compliant hydraulic intervention system suitable for use in 15,000 psi applications. The system integrates the newest technology available to ensure compliance with existing recommended practices as well as new BSEE well control regulations.

The STIM system can be adapted to several intervention riser technologies, vertical and horizontal trees and is suitable for most MSV and OCV vessels of opportunity, allowing for a cost effective solution for your subsea intervention programs, including acid stimulation and well flowback.The Trendsetter STIM system is a reliable and versatile solution for subsea hydrate remediation scopes as well. The entire package can be rapidly configured for Hydrate Intervention service, having been used successfully on multiple projects.

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