About Us

Trendsetter is a premier provider of specialized subsea solutions for oil and gas companies across the globe. We specialize in solving unconventional problems with conventional field proven technology, especially in a crisis environment.

Our quick response, our innovative technology and our commitment to customer service, safety and quality, is what makes us the leader in contemporary subsea solutions. Since 1996, our team of experts has established a reputation for providing cutting-edge, reliable solutions with a quick turnaround, while keeping safety as the number one priority.

Our expertise and inventive approach ensures that our clients receive the most advanced and dependable solutions available today in the subsea oil and gas industry.

Core Values

Trendsetter recognizes and values its employees as its greatest strength. Our resourcefulness, professionalism, and dedication make Trendsetter competitive and well positioned for ongoing success. We uphold the highest standards of integrity, honesty and respect when we conduct business.

It is the mission of Trendsetter to constantly strive to provide superior subsea equipment with outstanding value at the time the customer needs it. We will make every effort to maximize customer satisfaction by:

  • Ensuring that all of our engineered products comply or exceed our customer or industry requirements, as well as relevant safety and regulatory requirements
  • Providing the highest level of customer service before, during, and after the sale
  • Establishing manufacturing and quality objectives, and measuring our performance in order to continuously improve the product, the processes, and our service.