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Emergency response planning is incredibly complex. With the variety of missions and equipment kits within the Source Control activity scope, many vessels with varying capabilities must be hastily screened, contracted and mobilized. Currently this requires a great deal of time in the event of a subsea blowout, with a direct effect on the responsible oil company’s social reputation and finances. In addition to the difficulty of retrieving vessel details, this information must then be verified to ensure that all data is both current and reliable. After all, the only thing worse than a delayed decision is a misguided one.

Response 360™ streamlines the process of creating and executing offshore emergency response plans. By screening vessels based on their ability to perform equipment-specific missions in various conditions, the system enables you to quickly locate the closest capable response vessel in a matter of minutes. Response 360 then ranks these capable vessels by response time and other key factors to enable faster, more effective responses.

Maintaining an effective response plan is equally important as creating one.  As preferred vessels leave the region, or equipment becomes unavailable, Response 360 automatically updates to present you with the latest information. As a result, you are kept aware as these conditions change and provided with actionable intelligence to adjust your response accordingly. Having a dynamic response plan ensures that you have reliable data for quick, informed decision making.

Response 360 is the result of years spent witnessing the inefficiencies behind emergency response planning.  By constantly collecting essential operational intelligence, and streamlining the planning process, Response 360 equips your organization with a truly proactive emergency response.

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