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Arctic Mudline Closure Device



Project Description:

Trendsetter has developed an Arctic Class, 18 ¾"– 15,000psi mudline closure system that is installed in addition to the traditional BOP assembly to enhance safety during drilling in harsh environments. At the heart of the system is a Mudline Closure Device or MCD. The MCD is designed to be installed between the BOP and subsea wellhead during drilling operations and can be used to shear and isolate the well should loss of well control occur. Mudline closure devices could also be installed on the seabed when connected via a rigid riser to a surface BOP when used with jack up rigs. The MCD serves as an additional safety shut-in device during drilling operations, with dedicated hydraulic controls independent of the BOP and BOP control system. The MCD provides a clean re-entry capability and is capable of monitoring, logging, and transmitting pressure and temperature readings up to 9 months should the rig need to abandon the well due to an unforeseen event.

Along with the MCD, the system includes a dedicated subsea control system that includes subsea accumulator modules (SAMs), acoustic electro-hydraulic control systems and hydraulic flying leads. In addition, the system includes a test stand, an 18 ¾" – 15,000psi secondary pressure cap and other supporting equipment.

Trendsetter’s MCD system is available for purchase or lease and is designed to perform the following basic functions:

  • Connects and seals to an 18-3/4" 10,000psi or 15,000psi wellhead housing
  • Provides an 18-3/4" 10,000psi or 15,000psi upper mandrel connection to the subsea BOP
  • Provides two individual BOP rams capable of shearing and sealing off wellbore with 15,000psi wellbore pressure when actuated with acoustics or with the ROV back-up system
  • Provides two subsea mateable connections for contingency bore access, well kill operations and cap and flow scenarios