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Trendsetter Engineering is pleased to announce the Trendsetter Connection System (TCS). The Trendsetter Connection System provides a robust subsea connector solution that exceeds industry demands. The TCS solution is comprised of the newly developed TC7 clamp connector, TC11 clamp connector and hub alignment system.  This innovative system features a versatile connector that utilizes common tooling to provide the operator a fast, simple and robust connection for subsea use.  This state-of-the-art system illustrates Trendsetter’s vast experience in product development and system integration.  The connectors utilize Trendsetter’s proprietary, fully qualified metal to metal (MTM) gasket system, TEX.



“Trendsetter has worked diligently to develop a robust product with unique features that exemplify high quality and performance.
The Trendsetter Connection System will be a great asset to the industry, lowering field development costs and improving project schedules.” 

 David Older, Executive Vice President of Engineering (Trendsetter Engineering)


“This has been a monumental accomplishment for our team, and the exceptional quality and ingenuity of this system is first class.”

 Ron Downing, President (Trendsetter Engineering)


The TCS was developed around industry lessons learned by Trendsetter through project execution, research and client feedback on existing subsea connection systems available. 


Features & Benefits of the TCS Clamp Connectors

  • Utilizes a robust 3 piece segmented clamp design resulting in bending and torsion capacities, based on zero hub separation, that are equivalent or exceed other clamp connectors and rival typical collet connector capacities 
  • Provides a more reliable subsea connection by tensioning the lead screw as opposed to relying on torque 
  • Deploys with Trendsetter’s proprietary metal to metal TEX gaskets that require low setting force to energize, allowing for more of the connector’s capacity for structural jumper support 
  • Features a common hub design and porch structures for each clamp size to reduce tooling, streamline design and production, and reduce delivery times 
  • Equipped with a newly developed hub alignment system that allows for up to 7 degrees misalignment during installation, provides soft landing and allows for subsea gasket replacement 
  • Offers simple installation with integrated soft landing system to reduce handling and recovery time for connector installation tooling 
  • Utilizes readily available, standard ROV tooling to operate the clamp systems