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The existing Trendsetter complex located in Houston, Texas houses 14,000 square feet of office space and a training facility. The property, located just east of Texas State Highway 249 (SH 249), is only six miles from the Sam Houston Tollway (Beltway 8), a major highway tributary with access throughout the Houston Metroplex. The Trendsetter grounds encompass 14 acres of fenced-in yard with a gated entrance for security. Access to the yard for 18-wheel tractor trailers is available at two separate entry points—Rodgers Road and Carter Road. The new construction project includes creating driveways in and out of the complex that further ease access for large trucks and heavy transport vehicles.

As a complement to our existing facilities, the expansion effort has entered the next phase of development and provides a substantial enhancement to Trendsetter’s current capabilities. The new construction is a big step toward maintaining and growing Trendsetter’s thriving Capping Stack business.

Trendsetter’s new building, with its additional 20,000 square feet of work space and five-story height will also house a large bridge crane with two 100-ton trolleys. A significant leap toward supporting Trendsetter’s Capping Stack technology—equipment that is in high demand worldwide—the new construction is not only providing greater capacity, but also satisfying the sometimes difficult geographical logistics involved in construction, testing, and storage.

“The new construction will allow us to assemble, test, house, and mobilize our capping stacks all under one roof, increasing our efficiency and our ability to meet the growing demand from our customers. We will also be able to store and handle any manifold, reel, or other piece of equipment that we have built to date.”

Mario R. Lugo (P.E.),President and CEO of Trendsetter Engineering, Inc.


Construction of the newest addition to the Trendsetter complex is expected to be completed by the end of January 2012.