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Trendsetter Engineering is proud to announce the successful qualification of our high-temperature, metal-to-metal sealing TEX-5 gasket. The TEX-5 gasket is featured in Trendsetter’s proprietary Trendsetter Connection System (TCS) vertical flowline connection system.  Trendsetter’s TEX series gaskets are available in bore sizes from 2 inch and up to 11 inch and have been previously qualified at temperatures of -20°F to 302°F and at pressure ratings up to 20,000 psi. 

The TEX-5 gasket successfully completed API 6A PR2/PR3 elevated temperature testing at 400°F and 15,000 psi. The vertical connection system is one of many critical components being developed and qualified for the industry’s first API 17TR8 & API 17W compliant capping stack. This successful qualification showcases Trendsetter’s highly advanced product development capability, especially in the area of high-pressure, high-temperature equipment. 

“The TEX-5 400°F qualification is a key milestone in the development of the world’s-first 400°F capping stack.  The TCS flowline connection system will enable future high-pressure, high-temperature subsea field developments.” 

David Older, Executive Vice President of Engineering