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alaskacap3-web-200w.jpgThe ACS adheres to Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) requirements. The design is such that it can be used as an emergency pressure containing device that acts as a barrier in the extremely unlikely event of a BOP failure. Arctic weather and environmental extremes, encountered both at the frigid seafloor and in the air, mandate specialized design, engineering, and function requirements for the ACS to be effective—the operations will also be performed in shallow water depths (200 fsw).

“The ACS was shipped in truckable modules to Portland, OR and was restacked in less than two days. This kind of quick response is imperative should deployment become necessary.”

Mauricio Madrid, Project Manager

Built with Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) interfaces, the ACS is ROV operable and capable of capturing/processing 100,000 barrels of fluid per day, with onboard accumulation for rapid well control. The equipment design life is 20 years.

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Mario R. Lugo (P.E.),President and CEO of Trendsetter Engineering, Inc.