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    Under limited supervision, the individual is responsible for ensuring all service work for Trendsetter Engineering is carried out safely, efficiently, and to the highest satisfactory level of the company and its clients. This will require to not only lead teams in the field but to ensure that all preparations and close out processes for the assigned jobs is completed accurately and in a timely manner by each deployment team. This role is highly technical and can require significant amounts of travel and training depending on the projects assigned. This individual will report to the Rentals and Field Services Manager with primary instructions and guidance coming from the Project Manager - Services.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Review project details with Project Manager and help coordinate all resource requirements
    • Lead Trendsetter teams for field services work and ensure that all procedures are followed safely and accurately
    • Identify any additional procedures required to complete work
    • Review and assist in development of work procedures
    • Review operations manuals and ensure that each deployment team member has copy and is familiar with all operations manuals and procedures.
    • Identify location requirements and ensure each deployment team member meets and has copies of requirements
    • Lead meetings with team throughout all phases of project (e.g. kickoff, site brief, after action review)
    • Lead all mobilization and demobilization for rentals and field services projects
    • Document rental assets used along with mobilization & demobilization dates
    • Complete documentation package for field services work (e.g. daily reports, signed procedures, NCRs) and ensure that final copies are turned into document control
    • Assist Equipment Coordinator with servicing Trendsetter and client owned equipment stored at Trendsetter including inventory management, routine maintenance, procedure development, other documentation needs.
    • Promote safety awareness and complies with all applicable safety procedures and regulations
    • Undergo and maintain all offshore training requirements (including fire, helicopter, general safety etc.) for most geographical areas
    • Exhibit extensive knowledge of hydraulic equipment, pumps, fittings, and equipment used in building and testing subsea equipment
    • Make general equipment repair decisions as needed both on and offshore
    • Travel to and perform service activities at remote geographical sites both onshore and offshore
    • Travel offshore to witness and/ or install subsea equipment when needed
    • Demonstrate extensive knowledge of loading/offloading and rigging associated with heavy equipment handling
    • All other duties as assigned  




    • At least 4 years of experience in oil and gas field
    • Three or more years of experience involving assembly and test of oilfield or similar products.
    • Comprehensive practical knowledge of hydraulic systems to operating pressure including: pressure testing and recording, hydraulic flushing and cleanliness testing, instrument tube and pipe fitting, systems operation, troubleshooting, fault finding and repair to component level (including pumps, accumulators, regulators, relief valves, directional control valves, pressure switches and transmitters), and testing etc..
    • Familiarity with engineering drawings including manufacturing, general arrangement, and hydraulic flow drawings.
    • Sound mechanical knowledge including threads and thread forms, limits and fits, measuring units and conversions, basic math and mechanics, and properties of materials.
    • Sound knowledge of subsea systems and equipment and an appreciation of related subsea equipment (i.e. trees, chokes, BOP stacks, and manifolds).
    • Strong interpersonal and communications skills, both verbal and written.
    • Ability to demonstrate strong decision making skills, initiative and assertiveness, the ability to plan
    • Must be able to operate an overhead crane and/or jib cranes safely.
    • Must be able to operate a forklift.


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  • Starts On: March 23, 2017, 4:12 p.m.