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How to place and size photos on a page

Images are great to add to website pages.  There are a few ways to add images to pages on the Trendsetter Website:

1.  Header Images for pages appear above the page title.

2.  Uploading media/images in the WYSIWYG text editor can place an image anywhere on the page.


When you upload an image through the text edtior, you must upload it, then re-select the image to edit.

1.  Upload image.  Begin by selecting the icon for media in the text editor.


2.  Follow the steps to upload your image:



3.  Your image will most likely default to a smaller size.  To adjust this, select the image with your cursor and click the media icon again.



4.  A new window will appear with image edit options:

If you are changing the width, you can check the box to maintain image proportions to resize your photo evenly.