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How do I add a client logo to the bottom rotator?

Like the rotating Large Main Image slider on the homepage, the rotating client logos at the bottom are also "stories" on the website.  There are many individual stories, each with its own client logo and link.  Each stories has a tag that reads "logo" that let's it know where to display on the homepage.

  • The "logo" tag is linked to the client logo rotator.  
  • Like the homepage stories, there are fields associated with each client logo story.  
  • For these, not all fields will be used since we really only need the Title, Image, Link (to the 3rd party client site) and Tag.
  • I have set the site up so the client site opens in a new window so the viewer does not leave your site all together.
  • The logos must fit within a certain size allotted for the client logos.  
  • The size is:  120px wide by 90px high. 

Here is an Example of what's entered.



Here is what shows up on the website: