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Adding and Editing Projects

The Projects module in Tendenci has been modified to suit the needs of Trendsetter Engineering, so there are some non-required fields that may not be used.

Log in to the site to add a project.

From the Blue Admin bar at the top of the page, hover over CONTENT and then scroll to Projects.  Click the green + plus sign to add.



The project Add page is a list of fields to fill out to display on the client facing project page.



Fields that are being used by Trendsetter are as follows:

Project Name 

URL (auto generates)

Category - select or mulit select to filter projects into correct categories

Project Description

Project End


The photos for each project will appear in the slideshow for an individual project as well as at the bottom in lightbox form.  

  • You Can add multiple photos - currently there is no cap on images.
  • Each Photo will need a Title, Short Description, and the uploaded image (under 1MB)



Click Save at the bottom of the page to complete.

To Edit an individual existing Project, there is an edit button at the bottom of each Project page and you can access projects through Admin Backend under Quick Links: